Turvill Family & Farm Images 1896 - 1900

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The links below take you to images of the Turvill family and farm on the Wisconsin Historical Society website. The Wisconsin Historical Society recently scanned and made available online many photographic images from the Blanchard Harper Collection. The collection has many images of the Turvill family and their farm taken from 1896 to 1900. There may be additional images of the Turvill family and farm from the Blanchard Harper Collection on the Wisconsin Historical Society website but below are those that we have found so far.

Note: After about 1905 the Turvill family name had an "e" added at the end. It is not known why this change was made.

Original Turvill House - 1900 Note: This image shows the original house built in 1854 with later additions. The picture was taken in 1900.

Turvill Marsh - 1899 This photograph was taken in the vicinity of what is now H. J. Pertzborn Plumbing and Fire Protection.

Unknown Man Feeding Chickens - 1899 Note: The man in the picture may be William Turvill