South Madison Plan

In anticipation of the Town of Madison becoming fully annexed into the City of Madison in 2022, City planning staff prepared a South Madison Plan over the course of 2019-2021. The scope of the plan encompasses virtually all of the land to the west and south of Olin & Turville Parks. In conjunction with the AEC Campus Master Plan, the implementation of the South Madison Plan will have direct impact on the future uses of and resource demands on the two parks. Both the South Madison Plan and the "Destination District Plan" referenced under the AEC Master Plan tab suggest new development for areas directly adjacent to Olin & Turville Parks.

One such development effort currently under consideration in the spring of 2022 is a 12-story residential tower by McGrath Property Group, LLC of Madison. The proposed site of this building is at the former Coliseum Bar location at the intersection of John Nolen Drive and Olin Avenue, directly across from the entrance to the Turville Conservation Point parking lot. The evolution of this project and its timeline of City approvals can be followed here.