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Links to historical newspaper articles on the FOOT website will not work properly unless you are logged on This online newspaper database can be accessed by purchasing a subscription to their services. However, they can also be accessed through free access portals at public libraries and institutions throughout the United States. On the FOOT website we have provided links to historic newspaper articles mostly from the databases but there are a few links that point to newspaper articles on

Steps for free access to FOOT historical newspaper article links on

Step 1: If you have a Madison Public Library membership card, you can obtain free access to through their free portal on the Madison Public Library website by clicking on the following link:

A Madison Public Library login screen for should open.

Step 2: Enter the barcode number on your library card and login to the website.

Step 3: You should now be able to go back to the FOOT website and click on historical newspaper article links for to access those newspaper articles.

A successful library card login to the will be expire at midnight each day after which you will need to login again using steps 1 thru 3 above. If you do not have a Madison Public Library membership card, and do not live in the Madison area check with your local public library anywhere in the United States to see if they or other public institutions in your area offer free access to

Steps for free access to FOOT historical newspaper article links on

If you live in Wisconsin, you can obtain access to through a free portal on BadgerLink, Wisconsin's Online Library.

Step 1: Click on the following link to BadgerLink:

Step 2: On the BadgerLink page that comes up, scroll down on that page and click on the link to Library Edition - World Collection.

A new browser tab should open to World Collection. You should see a bar at the top of the page that has the words "Welcome, BADGERLINK CONSORTIA" . This will indicate that you are successfully logged onto

Step 3: You should now be able to go back to the FOOT website and click on historical newspaper article links for The links will only work if you are actively using the World Collection database. After about an hour of inactivity you will be automatically timed out. Anytime you get a page that says you are logged out, or asks if you want to subscribe, or start a free trial, your free Badgerlink access has timed out and you will need to go through Steps 1 thru 3 again to continue accessing the links on the FOOT website for free.

Important note: Free access to from BadgerLink will not allow you to view most Capital Times or Wisconsin State Journal newspapers published after 1922 and before 2005. *****Verify that this restriction still applies****

Please also note that Wisconsin residents who are traveling out of state can also access BadgerLink while out of state if they have a Wisconsin Public Library membership card and log onto Badgerlink using their Wisconsin Public Library membership card. If you try to access Badgerlink while traveling out of state, you will get a login screen. If you have a public Library membership card for a Wisconsin public library, you can use that card's barcode number to log onto Badgerlink from outside Wisconsin. This type of login will stay active until midnight of the day you log in. Once you have gained free access to Badgerlink in this manner you will still have to go through steps 1 through 3 above to gain the free access to from BadgerLink.

If you live outside the state of Wisconsin ask your local public library whether they or any other public institution in your state offers a free access portal to either or If you find an institution in your state that provides this access, ask them for the steps needed to gain this access to one of these two online newspaper databases. If you follow your local institution's steps for free access either of these online newspaper databases, you should then be able to successfully use the newspaper article links on the FOOT website for that online newspaper database.