Newspaper Article Hyperlink Note

The link to for free access to newspaper articles is no longer available for free from BadgerLink as of June 30, 2018. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is looking into other venues for accessing old newspaper articles online. We plan to provide new links to the free service once it becomes available.
The hyperlinks to the newspaper articles on the internet will not work correctly unless you use the link below to go to the State of Wisconsin BadgerLink website. A new window will open to the BadgerLink newspaper page. Once there, click on the link to on the BadgerLink newspaper page. After the page is fully loaded you can close that window. Then go back to our website and try to access any of the many newspaper article links on our site. (This link does not work right now - see note above)

Once you open the hyperlink a cookie is put on your computer to allow access to the newspaper article hyperlinks on the FOOT website. This cookie expires after a few hours so you may have to go through the above steps again later to continue accessing the newspaper articles.

Click the following newspaper article to test if the Access NewspaperARCHIVE cookie is active on your computer: South Madison History WSJ Centennial Edition 09-24-1939 page 184

If the 1939 Wisconsin State Journal page opens, the cookie is active.

We have found that If you use the newspaper archive site for more than 4 hours or so in a given day it becomes impossible to reactivate the cookie. If you wait until the next day and try again, you should be able to access the site.