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A link on our website redirected you to this page because the original link does not work any more. Please read the information below for an explanation.

Beginning in 2011, when the Friends of Olin-Turville website was created, some of the hyperlinks on our website redirected you to through BadgerLink. BadgerLink is Wisconsin's Online Library, providing Wisconsin residents with licensed content not available through regular search engines. BadgerLink is a service provided by the Department of Public Instruction and our resources and staff are paid for with state funding and federal funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services. On June 30, 2018, the contract that BadgerLink had with ended and was not renewed due to cost considerations. You can read more about this decision HERE. On October 29, 2018, BadgerLink anounced a new contract with to provide free access to historical newspaper articles for BadgerLink users.

Unfortunately, this new contract does not allow free access to newspaper articles from the Capital Times or the Wisconsin State Journal from about 1923 to 2005. While It is not clear why this is the case, the reasoning for this may be that Madison Newspapers, owners of the Capital Times and Wisconsin State Journal has a contract with to provide access to their historical newspapers. Copyright laws are probably in play here which forces to block free access to newspaper articles from these newspapers that were published after 1922. However, you can still access newspaper articles from this time period for these newspapers through both and if you pay for a subscription with either of these companies.

The Madison Public Library has recently contracted with to provide free access to historical Madison area newspapers including both the Capital Times and the Wisconsin State Journal. If you have a Madison Public Library card, use the following link from the Madison Public Library website to bring up a login screen to obtain free access to the website:

Once you get to the login screen, you can enter the bar code number on your Madison Public Library membership card to access the website for free.

We are working at providing new links to for the historical newspaper articles published after 1922 that are currently linked to on the FOOT website. We should be able to provide those links in a couple days or less. Once you see a clickable hyperlink fo for a specific newspaper article on the FOOT webside and are logged in through the Madison Public Library free access portal, you should them be able to access these newspaper articles for free. Below are the newspaper articles that we still need to provide hyperlinks to at

Turville Property History WSJ 01-22-1967 page 29

South Madison History WSJ Centennial Edition 09-24-1939 page 184

Wright Proposes Civic Center on Lake Monona WSJ 11-02-1938 page 1

Segoe Plans for North Shore of Lake Monona WSJ 07-30-1939 page 2

Turville Property Negotiations CT 03-23-1966 page 15

Turville Point's Purchase Sought WSJ 03-23-1966 page 17

City Council OK's Condemnation of Turville Property WSJ 01-04-1967 page 21

Turville Land Purchase Completed CT 09-01-1967 page 23

Boxing at Olin Auditorium WSJ 09-17-1930 page 19

Boxing at Olin Auditorium WSJ 09-21-1931 page 13

Famous Structure may be Razed Soon CT 08-30-1931 page 1

Bids to Demolish Olin Hall Sought WSJ 10-12-1943 page 3

Mayor - Put MATC at Turville - CT 08-16-1979 page 1

Area residents Oppose Turville MATC - WSJ 08-24-1979 page 1

Neighbors oppose Turville MATC plan - CT 08-24-1979 page 23

MATC Turville Site Dropped - WSJ 08-29-1979 page 1