FOOT comments on Nolen Centennial Plans

Here is a table of FOOT member thoughts about the key components of the Nolen Centenial project that relate to Olin-Turville park.

Land Bridge*Will bring many people from AEC to OT for big events.OT is a nice park and this will help to expose people to it.Too much pressure on OT, particularly the trees with big crowds. Possible loss of soccer field.
AmpitheaterWill bring many people to OT.Memorial Union Terrace-type view. Great place to hear music (good for the city).Again, too much pressure on OT. Duplication of Willow Island.
Lake Center*Will bring some (possibly many) people in for boat rentals, restaurant, etc.Good concept.Wrong location. Will destroy natural topography, trees.
Bike Path*Bring some people to OT.People will enjoy the views. It'll be a fun ride. Presence of bikers may help with issues the park has had, and they might volunteer in the park.It's a violation with a federal government grant. Incompatible with quiet walks.
View PointAccent the view, gathering space.Great view! Sense of place.Verticle structure distracts the eye and could block the view.
  • *=Another idea available
  • OT=Olin-Turville
  • AEC=Alliant Energy Cente