Madison Parks Division Contacts and Links
The City of Madison Parks Division, which has formal jurisdiction over Olin-Turville, provides these points of contact:


City of Madison Parks Division

210 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Suite 104,
PO Box 2987
Madison, WI 53701

Phone: 266-4711

Eric Knepp, Parks Superintendent  266-4711

Ann Shea, Parks Public Information Officer  266-5949

Tracey Hartley, Recreation & Volunteer Services Coordinator  267-4919

Paul Quinlan, Conservation Resources Supervisor  267-4918

Other Links

The northern end of Olin Park is located in the Bay Creek neighborhood. You can find out more about that neighborhood's boundaries, plans, and activities at these sites:
The balance of Olin Park and the Turville Conservancy are located in Aldermanic District 14. No organized neighborhood association presently includes that portion of the park within its official city-identified boundaries.
Several other City of Madison Parks and UW recreational facilities have their own 'friends' groups or organizations. In order to foster communication and sharing among these organizations, we list their websites here:
In addition, the Dane County Parks system has a number of friends groups which are listed at the Dane County Parks website: