Proposed Changes to Lakeside/Nolen bike path & intersection

posted Dec 10, 2011, 3:16 PM by Tom DeChant   [ updated Feb 25, 2012, 11:19 AM ]

Lakeside/Nolen bike path rerouting - A memo from Alder Sue Ellingson

Below is (City of Madison bike path engineer) Tony Fernandez’s proposal to reroute the end of the bike path at John Nolen and Lakeside.  I met Tony at the site along with neighbors Dan Kennelly, Ron Shutvet, and Tom DeChant.

Below are proposed changes.  I’m not sure who has responsibility for which things.

This is what we’d like to see happen:

  • A rain garden in the space opened up at the corner.  To be maintained by FOOT (Friends of Olin Turville).  Contact is Dan Kennelly,  Sorry, I don’t have Dan’s phone number.
  • A sign facing the end of the bike path directing southbound bikers coming off the path to the left (east) toward Olin Turville Ct.  This sign would be parallel to the street.
  •  I was told the crosswalk signals at this intersection are actually for bikes.  Bikes won’t be going that way anymore.  There is no sidewalk.  It seems like these signals should be removed

This photo is taken on Lakeside St. just as it curves to the south and becomes Olin Turville Ct.  The street ahead is the continuation of E Lakeside St.

The existing boat launch sign is not adequate.  People drive their boats down the little extension of E Lakeside St and there’s nowhere to turn around.

Can you add a bigger boat launch sign below the “No Outlet” sign (with an arrow pointing to the right)?


Additional info on proposed street re-marking - Memo from Mark Winter, City of Madison traffic engineer:

Here's how I plan to mark the new path intersection. I think this will clear up any confusion that the path users may have. I would also liked to have the sidewalk on the south side go in but understand it was beyond the scope of this project. Anyway with all the discussion going on I thought you should see this marking plan sooner rather than later!