FOOTNotes from Meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 10th

posted Dec 5, 2013, 8:27 PM by Tom DeChant   [ updated Dec 11, 2013, 1:53 PM ]
Our most recent FOOT meeting was held on Tuesday, December 10th at 6 PM at Barriques on Park Street. Five 'regulars' attended: Ron, Andria, Lisie, Tom and Dex.

Here's what we got accomplished:
  1. February 15th Moonlight ski event assignments:
    • Tents – Tom & neighbors; tent weights – Ron
    • Firewood – Ron, from Parks Dept.
    • Firepits – Tom & Andria
    • Candelaria – Andria; lighters – all
    • Drummers - Andria
    • Hot Chocolate – Tom will ask Barriques again
    • S’mores fixings – Tom; other food - Lisie, Andria, Ron
    • Hot & cold water – Andria
    • Forks – Tom, from Parks Dept.
    • Chairs - Lisie
    • PR and poster – Tom, in coordination with Winterfest, if possible
  1. Turville Bay aquatic research project:
    • Army Corp of Engineers sponsored research to test efficacy of chemical treatment (2-4D) vs. manual cutting for best control of Asian millefoil. Results indicated manual cutting was more cost-effective, at least during period tested.  Dane County is likely to stay with manual cutting as a result.
  1. Bluebird trail:
    • Nine new bluebird houses will be set up soon in Quann Park/Wingra Creek area, in time for early spring nesting. This effort is supported by Madison Audubon.
  1. Safety update:
    • Jim (Dex) will pursue proposed one-way car circulation test around Olin Pavilion loop in Spring. Goal is to reduce unwanted ‘cruising’.
  1. Alliant Energy Center update:
    • County has issued an RFP for study of AEC site to include assessments of convention market, facility condition, highest & best use of real estate, and organizational options for AEC management/control. AEC Strategic Design Study Committee activities and information can be tracked at the committee’s website:
  1. Fireworks on Lake Monona:
    •  Discussed recent public meeting on proposed “Rhythm & Booms” fireworks show next July on Lake Monona. Concerns were expressed regarding impact of fireworks on water quality.