Most Recent FOOT Meeting Held Monday, August 13th at Pavilion

posted Aug 5, 2012, 11:33 AM by Tom DeChant   [ updated Aug 13, 2012, 10:14 PM ]
FOOT members (Jim, Andria, Lisie, Ron & Tom)  met Monday evening, August 13th at 6:30 PM at the Olin Park Pavilion.

Agenda topics  included:
                  • Summer yoga series:  ~20-25 folks showed up for each of the four Wednesday eve sessions at Olin Pavilion. Only issue was sound - might need a low-level clip-on mike for future sessions. Will investigate doing it again next summer - possibly more sessions.
                  • Fall dance series: Tuesday, Sept. 18th scheduled for Scottish Dance Group at Pavilion; Tuesday, Sept. 25th tentatively scheduled for Square Dance group; Tuesday, Oct. 6th tentatively scheduled for Contra-dance group.  Details to be confirmed by Tom & Jim.
                  • Concert series next spring: Suggested that Jim Dexheimer approach Saris (bike folks) to sponsor another spring concert series.
                  • Bird City Partner Program: Agreed to Madison Audubon Society request for FOOT participation in this program. Andria to follow-up and submit form.
                  • Turville Conservancy plans and activities:
                    • Long-range plans: Ron talked to Russ Hefty (Madison Parks Dept.) and updated group on recent improvements to/activities in Turville Point Conservancy. Further info on future activities will be sought from Russ by Ron/Andria/Lisie
                    • Plant report: Andria updated group on planting activities in Conservancy, including work by Land's End volunteers and her own planting & watering efforts. 
                    • Work parties: Aug. 19th Unitarian work party cancelled (maybe next year); two work parties needed for burdock removal (soon), & seed collection/redistribution (this fall).
                    • Bike rack and signage:  Tom agreed to submit letter to Sue Ellingson (alder) requesting small (4-6 slots) bike rack and trail signage for Conservancy.
                  • Clean Lakes Festival: FOOT will host a tent from 12-4 PM, Sat., August 18th at Clean Lakes Festival in Olin Park. Ron, Andria, & Lisie will staff it. Vertical display boards will improve visual presentation of our FOOT info.
                  • 2013 full-moon & candle-light ski event: Group agreed that this event should be tentatively scheduled for Feb. 23, 2013 and Parks Dept.notified in order to secure their cooperation. Previous 2011 event was greatly helped by Parks Dept. involvement.& PR.