Recent FOOT Meeting held June 11th in the Park

posted Jun 7, 2012, 8:18 AM by Tom DeChant   [ updated Jun 18, 2012, 8:08 AM ]
The most recent bi-monthly FOOT meeting was held on Monday, June 11th at the pavilion in Olin Park. Items discussed included:

Review of Recent Activities:
-- May Concert Series: The four May concerts were deemed very successful, but concern was expressed that media coverage was weak, local political representatives were absent, and few new folks signed up for the FOOT list-serve. FOOT-sponsored park events need to be better publicized in neighborhood newsletters (esp. Bay Creek Bulletin) and list-serves, and FOOT sign-up sheets should be actively circulated.
--  June 1st Land's End Volunteer Clean-up:  To celebrate Take a Stake in the Lakes Day, nearly 200 volunteers from Land's End kicked-off a day of park clean-up and restoration at Olin-Turville. A fuller description of this event, with pictures, appears elsewhere on this announcement page. FOOT agreed to issue a thank-you letter to Land's End.
-- Conservancy Plans: Recent and proposed Turville clean-up activities have raised questions about long-range plans for the conservancy. It was suggested to ask Russ Hefty of the Parks Dept. to attend the next regular FOOT meeting to discuss.
-- Communications:  Jim W. reported that the FOOT list-serve currently has only 22 participants; the sign-up process needs more visibility and wider dissemination. Jim will continue to host the list-serve and report back any concerns of list-serve members. Tom D. will post meeting notices on the list-serve and, with Ron S., continue to update the website. Update of FOOT's Facebook page is currently unassigned.

Scheduled and Proposed Future Activities:
-- Summer Yoga Series: Samantha Kellogg asked FOOT to sponsor a 6-week free summer yoga series in the pavilion, with her as instructor. Tuesday evenings were the selected target time.  FOOT agreed to sponsor and approach the Parks Dept. to seek approval for use of the pavilion.
--  June 21st 'Clips of Faith' WI Bike Fed Benefit: Jim W. encouraged all to be aware of and participate in a fun bicycle event to be held June 21st in the park.The 'Clips of Faith' event features handmade beers, handmade movies, and lots of fun. More info can be found at Wisconsin Bike Fed 'Clips of Faith'
-- August 19th First Unitarian Volunteer Clean-up Event: The First Unitarian Society asked FOOT to sponsor 20+ Society volunteers who would like to work a 2-hour park clean-up session on Sunday, August 19th. FOOT enthusiastically agreed to sponsor and suggested beach clean-up as an especially nice August event. Coordination with Russ Hefty of the Park Dept. was also suggested as part of planning for this event.
-- Lake Monona Water Walk, July 6-8th: At the April FOOT meeting, members agreed to assist in this event by escorting walkers through the park on Sunday and possibly staffing a display booth on Saturday. For more information on the event itself, see Lake Monona Water Walk
-- Fall Dance Series: Multiple FOOT members sought to sponsor a fall dance series featuring local dance groups who would demonstrate their techniques and encourage audience participation. Suggested dance groups included folk, Scottish, salsa, square dance, Celtic, and west coast swing.  Target schedule would be Tuesday evenings from mid-Sept. through mid-Oct. Members agreed to contact suggested groups and seek Parks Dept. approval for pavilion use for the proposed Tuesday schedule. 
-- Wingra Creek Weir:  Ron S. reported that his idea of a building a weir in Olin Park to better control Wingra Creek water levels had received initial positive feedback from several sources. He will be pursuing contact with Parks and other officials.