FOOT Meeting Held December 12th

posted Nov 21, 2011, 7:50 PM by Tom DeChant   [ updated Feb 25, 2012, 11:27 AM ]

The December meeting of FOOT members was held on Monday, December 12, 2011 at 6:30 PM at Barriques on Park Street. Five FOOT members attended and the meeting lasted about 2 hours.

Topics on the agenda included:
  1. Review recent seed toss even in the Turville Conservancy on November 19th
  2. Review 'beta' FOOT website 
  3. Discuss sponsoring a 2012 candlelight cross-country ski event
  4. Review recent discussions with Alderman Sue Ellingson, city engineering, and Tim Metcalfe about bike path safety and "test strip" near E. Lakeside intersection  
  5. Discuss idea of separating X-country ski and hiking/snow-shoe trails for winter
Discussion and actions on those topics were:
  1. Seed Toss:  Showed announcement on new web-site related to seed toss, demonstrating links to news and plant types.
  2. Website Review:  Showed 'beta' site, page by page.  Much discussion, culminating in suggestion to open site to all members of FOOT Yahoo listserve for comment.  Public version of the site may follow shortly, once picture copyright issues are addressed.
  3. Cross-country ski event:  Saturday, February 11 was suggested as date for this event (close to full moon on 2/8/12).  Dan Kennelly is following up with Russ Hefty (Parks Department) and Madison Nordic Ski Club, both of whom helped organize last year's event.
  4. Bike Path:  Review of current design efforts by Tony Fernandez, city bike path designer, and Mark Winter, city traffic engineer, led to broader discussion of the multiple planning efforts underway that effect Olin-Turville.  In addition to these two efforts to improve the E. Lakeside intersection, there is the much broader Nolen Centennial Project and the recent Dane County board appointment of a special committee to enlarge the Alliant Center.  This led to discussion of the need for a broader, more integrated and long-range approach to planning for this very large and central public green space.  Follow-up included Melanie and Tom contacting Kyle Richmond (County Board Supervisor); and Dan contacting Tim Metcalfe and James Tye (Nolen Centennial project) and Sue Ellingson (Alder).  
  5. Winter Trails: Conflicts in trail use were acknowledged, but topic was put off for further discussion in the near future.  
Please feel free to suggest agenda topics for future meetings by emailing Dan Kenelly

Typically, the FOOT group meets bi-monthly on the second Monday of even-numbered months.