FOOT Folks meet on June 10 at Barriques on Park Street

posted Jun 10, 2013, 11:26 PM by Tom DeChant   [ updated Jun 10, 2013, 11:28 PM ]
Five FOOT members met with Robert Godfrey, local PR consultant, on June 10th at Barriques on Park St. for our regular bi-monthly meeting. We reported out on recent activities that included: four May concerts in the pavilion, two pre-burn clearings and a post-burn seed toss in the Turville Point Conservancy, Olin Park clean-up for Earth Day, a garlic mustard pull, and completion of the blue-bird trail. Robert guided us on how to approach local media to better spread the FOOT message and reach a broader audience. Suggestions for outreach to local 'interested parties', included the Sheraton Hotel, Badger Rock school, the Urban League, and Boys & Girls Club. We also discussed future activities that included a scheduled summer yoga series in the pavilion and a potential fall folk-dance series. 

Park improvements were discussed, including progress on securing a bike rack and trail sign for the entrance to the Turville Point Conservancy, and improved FOOT visibility in the sign kiosk near the pavilion. There will be follow-up with the Parks Department on both of these issues.

Finally, there was broad discussion of the need for an update to the seriously obsolete 1985 Olin-Turville master plan. The current Alliant Energy Center expansion plans, the Metcalf-led Nolen Centennial project, and multiple park improvement suggestions by FOOT members all lead to the conclusion that a synthesis of these new ideas needs to be created to intelligently guide development of these two regionally-important parks over the next decades.